About MyRemoveBg.com

Enabling Visual AI for Everyone

We enable millions of individuals and businesses from all over the world to accelerate workflows and unleash their creativity with future-proof visual AI tools.

Our mission

Our mission

Artificial intelligence for everyone

By making complicated tech simple, we strive to enable everyone to benefit from the recent advances in Visual AI, from individuals to businesses of all sizes.

We built remove.bg to simplify and accelerate workflows, foster creativity, rethink photography and design and enable others to create the AI century products.

Our aim

Our aim

Helping our customers bring their ideas to life

As the industry-leading solution for automated background removal, remove.bg and Unscreen solve a problem that has held back creatives long enough. Through our visual AI tools we enable designers to create outstanding art, support professionals from all over the world in doing creative work that truly fulfills them, and empower developers to build the apps and systems of the future.

Our products

Our products

Sophisticated AI solutions made easy

Background removal - whether for images or videos - is an essential step in the editing process that, up until 2018, took hours to complete. With remove.bg and Unscreen, we significantly reduced that time to seconds while continuing to deliver astonishing results to all our users.

Since we launched our products, our quest to improve their performance with the latest technological innovations in artificial intelligence has been unstoppable simply because we want to ensure everyone gets exceptional results with every processed image or video.

Built for the world

Our products are built for an internet without borders. We design solutions that are enjoyed by people with immensely diverse backgrounds and we are proud that they are used by millions of users from North & South America, to Europe, Asia, and Africa.